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Jeepney | Bus, Ride, Filipino Transportation, Filipino Culture, Philippines Art, Philippines Pin, Magnet, Keychain, Sticker, Jibbitz

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Jeepneys, considering its history, it has become a reflection of the Filipino spirit — resilient, innovative, and optimistic.

Jeepneys are the poor-man's transport found only in the Philippines. They began plying the streets of Manila after World War II, when U.S. soldiers left thousands of unserviceable jeeps. The versatile, durable and colorful jeepney is truly a mestizo - half-local and half-foreign - reflective of the national character of the country. Its engine is imported, mostly from Japan, as "surplus" (second-hand) material. However, its body or chassis is designed by artistic, Filipino autobuilders who adorn it with variegated images, bouncing psychedelic colors and eardrum-breaking sounds. An average jeepney can normally seat 20 adult passengers. But in the remote areas in the countryside where transport is scarce, the versatile jeepney is typically overloaded. Passengers often ride with non-human cargoes like farm produce, or even animals.

What seems more striking about these jeepneys is, that they reveal something about the identity of their makers or owners. During this global age of transmigration and overseas movement of Filipino labor, it is not unusual to see markings on this vehicle's front side like "Katas ng Saudi" (literally, sweat from Saudi Arabia) to suggest that the owner bought the jeepney from his/her savings as overseas worker. Other items that catch the attention of a keen observer is the interior decor, with music loudly played from an improvised, removable radio-stereo set that keeps the driver awake. In front of the driver is a religious icon (usually a cross or a picture of Jesus Christ or the Virgin Mary), a lei made of fragrant sampaguita, and a "No Smoking" sign that the driver himself ironically ignores.

In a sense, the jeepney is a testament to the Filipino ingenuity. It symbolizes the diasporic, religious and sometimes perplexing character of a people colonized by two European powers.

Also available as a wooden pin, magnet, wooden sticker veneer, or charm for keychains or necklaces. (See other listing here:


About the Materials:

The basswood plywood is custom fabricated with an engineered wood core surrounded by a micro-thin layer of natural hardwood, resulting in a strong, beautiful, and versatile material.

Every piece is colored with scuff-resistant outdoor acrylic paint and coated and cured with a durable clear resin gloss finish.


This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit or send a letter to Creative Commons, PO Box 1866, Mountain View, CA 94042, USA.


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